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Space/Time Continuum
After I saw "Back to the Future," I wanted someone to invent a time machine more than anything.  The idea of time travel was exciting to me.  On the first day of June in 2011, I am excited that nobody invented one.

If somebody did, I might have traveled from Spring Training to today, figuring that Cody Ross and Brian Wilson would be back into their groove and we'd be at full strength. ...
Update: Posey's Season Hangs in the Balance; Should Catchers be Protected?
By now any baseball fan within twitter-shot of a computer knows that Buster Posey's injury initially looks like a worst-case scenario. MRI results show he has suffered a fracture in his lower left leg and there's been some early reports of torn ligaments as well (though Bochy was quick to deflect those reports).  It's not far-fetched to think this injury will keep him off the field for much o... (continue)
Busted: Posey Injured in Collision at the Plate
Seeing Buster Posey get railroaded at the plate, his shin bent backward, then watching him claw on the ground in agony before getting carried off by trainers tonight is a disturbing sight for any fan.

Right now, there is too much unknown to deal with.  Is it a break?  A sprain?  Is he gone for the year?

The other questions on my Giants fan mind - who should come out of the bullp...
Dysfunctional Bullpen
In the sixth against the A's last night, Ryan Vogelsong got in about as much trouble as a pitcher who has only allowed one unearned run on four hits with five strikeouts can.  A pitcher with that line only gets pulled after the sixth when it's a 1-1 tie game vs. Oakland in 2011.  On the A's side, Trevor Cahill got taken out in the seventh, after allowing ONE hit through six with six stri... (continue)
Zen and the Art of Being a Giants Fan
I am of the mind that Bruce Bochy's decision to take out Matt Cain, who was cruising through seven innings, so he wouldn't have to face Andre Ethier (who has been slumping) was a mistake.  And a curious one, considering that just yesterday he arguably left in Jonathan Sanchez one batter too long.  But being a fan of baseball involves managing your expectations when something happens you ... (continue)
Lincecum Gets Shelled by Rockies
Jim Tracy called the win an omen.  Troy Tulowitzki said that if they can comeback against one of the best pitchers in the game, they can come back against anybody.

From the Rockies' point of view, tonight's win over the Giants was a win over the Lincecums for them.  They slayed the beast and now will turn a corner on their season, where their slide ends and they reclaim the division. &...
And the Pieces Keep Falling into Place
Jonathan Sanchez continues to be inconsistent yet effective, and give up home runs to something called a Henry Bianco.  The Giants offense continues to score runs only when it's darn good and ready -  either that or they were genuinely getting flummoxed by a pitcher who I thought was Andres Galarraga, because I was watching the game on a Blackberry that only shows first initials.   ... (continue)
Happy Birthday Willie
For Willie Mays' birthday, the Giants delivered him a 4-3 victory over the Rockies.  I never saw Willie Mays play, and it's frustrating that there's nothing I can do to remedy that unfortunate circumstance.  

More frustrating is trying to get an accurate account of what it was like to see the Sey Hey Kid play.  The few people I do know personally who have seen him in action - name...
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